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confluence jira gadget

Your Confluence administrator will need to add the JIRA gadget URL to the list of authorised external gadgets in Confluence. See the. JIRA is the first major Atlassian application that can incorporate OpenSocial- compliant gadgets, such as Confluence gadgets onto its dashboard. This page. You can register gadgets from external sites (such as JIRA applications), so the gadgets appear in the macro browser and people can add them to Confluence.

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I want to track the number of tickets based on a filter during the course of the last month. Confluence Groups for Administrators Adding or Removing Users in Groups Global Permissions Overview Setting Up Public Access. How to use the gadget in JIRA. Alternatively, you can add just this one gadget to the JIRA gadget directory. Displays a list of all the labels in a specified project. Have a question about this article? Log a request with our support team. confluence jira gadget


How to create jira Agile info wallboard for two projects. The best answer is to export the Jira gadgets to Confluence one by one. Hi Atlassian team, is there a Gadget that displays the number of issues per filter in a lina graph. Optionally, the gadget also provides links allowing people to click through to the page on the Confluence site. See the GreenHopper installation guide. To add a Confluence gadget to a JIRA dashboard, complete the steps .


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